What a great find here

Debra McIntire
What a great find here

I love the website. It has lots of great ideas for my little ones. We are working on 5 senses and there are some very neat packages in this section.

Here are some activities we are planning.

Alphabet Knowledge- Using name cards on cookie sheets have students match magnetic letters to the letters of their name

Name practice- Student uses name tracing sheet to practice writing his/her name

Practice writing and recognizing the letters in the student’s name.

Practice prewriting skills using tracing sheet-slants, circles, lines, curves

Syllable Segments- Using Heggerty book and Owl curriculum pg. 258-259 introduce students to syllables of words. Practice identifying syllables of words using activities from these books.

5 Senses “At Home” & “At School”- students dictate the sounds they hear at home and at school. Record their answers and then compare/contrast their answers.

Send home a survey of the students favorite things to hear, see, taste, smell, and feel. Share answers with the class.

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What a great find here
August 31, 2020
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