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Winter decoration for the hallway and story carpet

Winter decoration for the hallway and story carpet

With my class, I created a fresco about winter to decorate the hallway. Here are the steps:

1) Paint the top of the poster with different shades of blue and white using a stamp: stamp or spread.

2) Paint the fir trees by making a brown trunk and the branches dark green/light green and alternate.

3) making the mitten. Trace vertical lines with paint and a flat brush, changing color each time.

4) Make different graphics with a black felt-tip pen on each painted vertical strip + glue the cotton to the bottom of the mitten.

5) Gluing stickers and cotton on the mitten.

6) Cutting strips of black paper of different sizes + gluing to make the trees for the fresco.

In oral language, we made a story carpet of the book "The mitten".

Winter decoration for the hallway and story carpet
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Winter decoration for the hallway and story carpet
March 7, 2024
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