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"SUNFLOWER" research box

Sandra Vagale
"SUNFLOWER" research box

"SUNFLOWER" research box


Materials: a large box; sunflower seeds, oil, halva, sunflower petals, sunflower; decorations: birds, suns, dishes: bottles, bowl, sieve; tools: spoon, cup, spatula


The sunflower is so different - it is similar to the sun, you can smell it, you can eat it, you can be happy about it and play with the petals and seeds - p

our in, stir, pour out, roll, pick. and taste

Birds also like the seeds! Maybe peel someone for them?

Sorting sunflowers and seeds, sifting sunflowers and cooking soup or porridge in different dishes and with different tools. Pour over, pour over, pour in, pour in etc.

This dwarf likes sunflower seed halva and you? Maybe sunflower oil? Such a beautiful yellow. no!

What will your sunflower story be? What else can be done with it and how to explore?

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"SUNFLOWER" research box
September 21, 2023
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