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Beauty will save the world! F. Dostoevsky
Experiments with water
We have experiments with water throughout the year. In winter, they are in the form of snow and ice, their thawing and coloring. In the spring, we observe how it can be melted faster - with warm water, breaking it up, heating it on radiators, keeping it in a warm room, etc. One of the first...


Different houses of the world
Different houses of the world - it is a topic we always look forward to. First in this topic, we learn and consolidate the names of the various houses and their locations. The older children also find out why these houses are built in that particular place. We use board games of various...


Brown is the color of nature
Getting to know the color brown for children is planned to get to know it through the colors found in nature - plants, soil and animals. Children need learning through action and experience, including learning colors. By experimenting, children learn that mixing all the colors together...


Purple Color - Flower Garden
In our institution, the learning of colors is not just sharp learning; they are related to the characteristic of the respective color. As well as the color of emotions and certain notes and sounds in music. Each day of the week is also assigned its rainbow color, as well as each season and...


Sensory toys for hands
Sensory play with hands is very important for children's physical, mental and emotional development. Most importantly, children are very fascinated, interested and allow to discover new experiences and skills. Natural materials can be used very well in this type of lessons - from trees and...


Activities with plants and flowers
Spring is not far away and we are already starting to plan spring activities for a walk. A lot of time for children and various activities for children on a walk takes care of and working with plants and flowers. When the first snowdrops appear, we plant flowerbeds and grow them indoors on...


Lessons About Bees
Bee week is about and around bees - we play theater, draw, make honey and taste bee products! We sing, dance, read books, listen and watch and many other interesting facts about the bee colony. February 2 is candle day and we prepare candles and candlesticks and learn more about what...


How Bread is Made Preschool Activity
Topics "How bread is made" - children learn about the process of making bread today and in ancient times. Expanding vocabulary by playing the board game "Flour dishes" And building a bridge over the river ( laid with blue fabric) to the mill, where you can take the grain by car! Children...


Learning the Color Yellow "Rain of Stars"
For the lesson, the teacher has prepared a yellow box of things, he is dressed in yellow, and the children have yellow masks - chicks, bees and ducklings. Yellow toys and games are associated with the color yellow. First, look at your clothes to see if there is anything yellow. Children are...


The idea of ​​learning wide/narrow, high/low, heavy/light
"BUILDERS" for a mixed age group In this lesson, children learn the concepts of wide, narrow, high, low and heavy, light while working on their own in an attractive way and with practical conclusions. Invited to build roads throughout the city, a map has been prepared where they should be...


First Steps in Learning Letters
The first steps in learning letters can take place around the age of 2 for a child. Because in the beginning, the child learns that which is associated with a certain sound. The child perceives it as a game, imitating and enjoying the passport process, without logical thinking and effort to...


Indoor Plant Care
Winter is a good time to draw children's attention to indoor plants - their names and how to properly care for them, because they can and do it every day. First, let's find out why flowers and trees aren't blooming outside right now? What do they need to grow? Why do they grow well in the...


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