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Different houses of the world

Sandra Vagale
Different houses of the world

Different houses of the world

Different houses of the world - it is a topic we always look forward to.

First in this topic, we learn and consolidate the names of the various houses and their locations. The older children also find out why these houses are built in that particular place.

We use board games of various types and levels of difficulty to consolidate titles.

In the construction game, the children each build their own house and together we create a city with streets, cars, etc.

The interesting thing that we really like this week is building a wigwam, making a headdress, dressing up as an Indian and dancing an Indian dance. We like it a lot!

Throughout the week, there are also other activities related to this topic, which reinforces the understanding of the diversity of the houses, both the materials they are made of, and the various names and their functions. In parallel, the world's animals and continents, countries are repeated. For this, we have made a large map, which we spread all over the room, and then we placed houses, animals and maps on this map.

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Different houses of the world
March 18, 2023
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