Learning About the Countries of the World

Learning About the Countries of the World

Learning About the Countries of the World

At Kiddie Academy of Glendora, they had so much fun learning about other countries the past few weeks. Each week was dedicated to learning about a different country with its food, cultures, and geography. The children learned so much about these different nations!


While learning about Russia the little ones assembled and painted their own Russian flags. It was a great little craft.


Ireland was a country the kiddos got to, "Travel," to as well. Shamrocks were a popular subject of discussion as well as leprechauns!


Most recently the kids learned a lot about China. They did many crafts themed for China's popular bear, the Panda! There are so many fascinating countries to discuss and more to be covered in the future!

Source for photos: Kiddie Academy of Glendora and at this link plus this link then lastly this link.

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Learning About the Countries of the World
November 6, 2020
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