The diverse theme of summer flowers

Sandra Vagale
The diverse theme of summer flowers

The theme of summer flowers is closely related to the time when everything in nature is in full bloom and the summer solstice.

The diverse theme of summer flowers

When learning summer flowers, there are several board games with the help of which you get to know and reinforce the names of flowers.

Board games - bingo, lotto, pair cards, shadow game.

But the main goal of introducing flowers is to create interest and a caring attitude.

Younger children observe and compare colors, older children conjure up the fruits of their imagination.

Sensory play fits perfectly into the theme of flowers, colors and feelings.

Here in Latvia, the summer solstice is associated with the weaving of flower crowns both in games and from natural flowers. Heartfelt togetherness - dancing and singing!

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The diverse theme of summer flowers
June 25, 2023
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