Fun Summer-Themed Worksheets

Fun Summer-Themed Worksheets

These worksheets are all themed for the summer with the kinds of flowers, and insects that pop up during the season! Kids are sure to love doing these fun worksheets as the Summer season begins!

Butterfly coloring

Fun Summer-Themed Worksheets

For this worksheet, you need to find and color the 8 butterflies that are pictured in the black-and-white image. You can color-in everything else too if you want, but try and get the butterflies first!

Bee and flower path

For this worksheet, you need to draw the path of the bee from flower to flower. Pay close attention to the order shown at the bottom of the worksheet as you need to replicate it!

10 differences

To do this worksheet, you need to find the 10 differences between these worksheets.

How to download these worksheets

You can download these worksheets completely for free by contributing a post to TeachersMag! This link explains how to do it!

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Fun Summer-Themed Worksheets
May 29, 2021
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