Desert-Themed Worksheets

Desert-Themed Worksheets

These worksheets are all themed for the desert and make a great addition to any classroom unit discussing the desert. Deserts are fascinating places that get very little rain and are extremely hot in the day and very cold a night. Doing these desert-themed worksheets is a great addition to learning about the desert!

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Desert-Themed Worksheets

Shadow matching

For this worksheet, students need to find the shadow that matches with the pictured camel. They need to pay close attention to find the correct shadow!

Desert jewel puzzle

Students need to match the pieces of the desert jewel to the outline for this puzzle. They can glue the pieces where they belong to complete the desert jewel!

Connect-by-numbers Sphinx

Students need to connect all the numbers to make a Sphinx!

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Desert-Themed Worksheets
May 24, 2021
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