Summer crafts: one day at the beach!

Elvira Papamitrou
Summer crafts: one day at the beach!

Summer crafts: one day at the beach!

Here in sunny Greece, one of our favourite subjects that we work every year with our children in our classroom is summer!In my classroom, after talking with the children adout their experiences at the beach,watching videos, pictures, reading books and playing games related to the subject,we decided all together to create a team-work poster with a beach.They kids could draw first theirselves at the beach in a white piece of paper, and then they could cut it and glue it in the beach-themed poster, in the exact place that they would choose.So finally we created a wonderfull and full of colors poster!

Every child of the classroom took part at this activity.A lot of kids wanted to add more drawings of beach objects like umbrellas, toys, sand castles, to make this poster more beautifull and realistic.When our beach waw finished, we were really proud!

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Summer crafts: one day at the beach!
August 21, 2021
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