Summer fun with water and bottles

Alice barbero
Summer fun with water and bottles

Fun with bottles

Children love to play with water and explore different tools that helps them to develop problem solving skills and fine motors while having fun it’s a plus.

Summer time it’s perfect for this type of activities, you can use the water tables outdoors or even trays of plastic containers, another thing to mention is that we can also use this activity to talk about the importance of recycling.

Summer fun with water and bottles

creators: mixed group 2 to 5

Media: Water table,funnels, bottles, sponges, water

Technique: exploring how to pour from one container to another and also using sponges to fill the bottles.

objective: Help children to use their imaginations while developing their fine motor skills and eye hand coordination .

Narrative:When filling the bottles with water, children are using problem solving skills while figuring how to fill the bottles.

They also are learning how to use different tools as funnels, shovels, measure cups, sponges.

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Summer fun with water and bottles
September 12, 2021
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