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Various activities about birds

Sandra Vagale
Various activities about birds

The topic of birds is very welcome for me. I like birds very much, as well as flowers.

Of course, preparing the theme begins with planning, preparing materials and setting up the children's room - with cages, nests, toy birds, pictures and birdsong in the background.

Various activities about birds

Getting to know the birds starts with repeating what is known about them - what they are called, what they look like, what their song is and what they do in different seasons.

After such an intense activity, physical activity is necessary. We played a movement game about birds "Strong Bird" and then we continue to work - we found out the names of the parts of the bird's body and how a bird is born.

Then the children put on bird masks and we play a game - each one flies away to his winter home after a song.

Some fly away to warm lands, some even stay here, and some birds hide in the barn.

Most of all, the children enjoyed making a joint nest for the birds.

Throughout the week, knowledge about birds is strengthened - in mathematics, creative activities, various board games, speech.

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Various activities about birds
May 27, 2023
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