Flower themed activities

Sandra Vagale
Flower themed activities

Flower themed activities

The theme of flowers can be played in many ways - both creatively and in mathematics, learning letters and movement activities.

As always, children like the sensory activity "Making a meadow" the most from sand and what can be in the meadow - flowers, insects, stones, etc.

Children also really like comparing numbers and sizes in mathematics, because the operation is practical and the flowers are colorful and different.

The children's response was active in the game "Insect school", where the children became insects and had to find flowers with letters according to the "map" in a certain order, as indicated on the "map"

Creating flower beds of different colors, "Flower shop", creating your own fantasy flower on a light box, movement game "How a flower grows" and of course planting and watering flowers in nature.

This theme brings children closer to nature and makes them love and protect it even more!

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Flower themed activities
June 11, 2023
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