Flower-themed Homework for the Kiddies

Oana Zigman
Flower-themed Homework for the Kiddies

My kids learned all about the parts of a plant and had a tracing sheet as homework and another worksheet where they had to draw the missing parts of the plant and say the words and sentences out loud. they did amazingly well. My class is a bilingual class from a Chinese kindergarten and they are all 4 to 5-year-olds.

In order to be able to handle this homework on their own, we first went through the vocabulary during class times, we practiced pronunciation, sentence structures, played a few games, and made sure to work on comprehension, grammar as well as listening skills.

The photos uploaded are just some examples of what the kids did.

I highly encourage the parents to have the kids not only trace but also color whenever there is the option on a worksheet as most of them tend to forget that this also helps with the kids fine motor skills

Flower-themed Homework for the Kiddies
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Flower-themed Homework for the Kiddies
October 21, 2020
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