Flower Colour Sorting

Flower Colour Sorting

Flower Colour Sorting

 Materials needed:

  1. egg carton
  2. variety colours of paint
  3. coloured ice cream stick
  4. pre-print flowers petal
  5. pen knife
  6. hot gun

I bought coloured ice cream sticks and there were 6 different kinds of colour.

Search for the flower petal according to the ice cream stick.

I glued it with hot gun. Then I painted to the 6 colours on the top/tip of the egg carton. I didn't paint same colour on the same row because that would be too easy for them. so I mixed them up so that the children are able to identify the colours and slot the flower ice cream sticks. I use a pen knife to cut a bit and use the ice cream stick to slot it in.


Do 2 colours at a time if the children are still learning about colours.

May paint other colour on normal ice cream stick for advance children.

Children will identify easily if you paint them in a same row.

Flower Colour Sorting
May 30, 2020
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