Rainbow Colour Sorting

Rainbow Colour Sorting

Rainbow Colour Sorting

Recycle Materials are loved! My brother bought ice creams and the packaging was this Styrofoam. As an educarer, whatever recycled materials that can be used, we will always collect it right?

Materials needed:

  1. Styrofoam
  2. cotton bud
  3. colourful markers
  4. scissors
  5. sharp long tools

Simple steps to do:

  1. cut the edge of the cotton buds with scissor. (it was easy to cut)
  2. coloured the other edge of the cotton bud with markers. (7 colours as rainbow have 7 colours)
  3. draw 7 arcs from smallest to biggest
  4. colour the 7 arcs.
  5. Use a sharp point tools to create a small hole
  6. poke the rest of the holes with the cotton bud that had been cut away.

The children will be able to sort according to colours and also learn to count.

Rainbow Colour Sorting
May 30, 2020
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