Farm Themed Name Recognition Activities

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Farm Themed Name Recognition Activities

Farm Themed Name Recognition Activities

Little Pioneers Preschool recently hosted a week dedicated to the theme of the farm. One of the most interesting activities was centered around letter recognition, and the children got to practice their names and letter recognition from eggs.

This activity is geared towards Preschool, preK and Kindergarten students.

Before beginning the activity, make to prepare the materials for your child. You will need to print out the chicken template and egg outline sheet, and then write the letters of your child's name on each egg. Additionally, prepare some crayons, scissors, glue, and paper strips for the nest.

Now it's time to make the farm-themed name craft! Encourage your child to color the chicken however they like, and then help them to glue paper strips to the bottom of the chicken to make a nest. Finally, have your child cut out the eggs and paste them onto the nest to spell out their own name.

This is a fun and educational activity that allows your child to practice name recognition and letter recognition, as well as color, cut, and glue skills. Plus, they get to make a cute and personalized craft that they can be proud of!

Photo source: LittlePoineersPreschool


Free Chicken Template from TeachersMag

We suggest you print the templates and repeat this activity with your children.

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Farm Themed Name Recognition Activities
April 15, 2023
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