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Farm week activities

Kyra Grable
Farm week activities

1. Give children large popsicle sticks and glue sticks. Have students make a barn. We had read several books with barns and farm animals. It may help to have pictures or books with barns available for reference. When children are finished with the barn, provide farm animal stickers for students to add to their barns.

Farm week activities

2. Milking a cow- fill a simple glove with milk. Tie the top closed them poke a few of the fingers with a pin. Let kiddos milk the cow!

3. Squish painting- print off pictures of pig outline on pink paper. Put paper in gallon ziplock with some brown Paint and shaving cream. Allow students to move paint around.

4. Planting carrots- have kids help you create a dirt, water and liquid glue mixture. Give students blue a paper and have them glue an orange triangle on (for the carrot). I allow older preschoolers to cut out triangle on their own. Then glue green strips to the top of the carrot. Last, have students add the dirt mixture to plant their carrot. I have them use their hands for some sensory input!

5. Animal tracks painting- give students paper and a farm animal each. Give them brown paint to students can walk the animals through the “mud” and onto their paper.

6. Farm animal bingo! It’s easy to find a free printable.

7. On no! The chickens got out. Actually I hid them when kiddos weren’t looking. smile You need chicks or chickens with numbers 0- 10, or whatever numbers are appropriate for your students. Children look around the room to find the chickens. Younger kiddos are able to participate in this part as well. Then have older preschoolers work together to put the chickens in numerical order.

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Farm week activities
November 20, 2022
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