Farm Themed Activities and Crafts for Kids

Farm Themed Activities and Crafts for Kids

Farm Themed Activities and Crafts for Kids

At Mimi's Day Care they did a number of fun farm-themed activities that the kids had a great time engaging in!

The kids did worksheets counting-up farm animals.

Everyone had great fun making cows out of paper plates and construction paper. They could carry the plates around and go, "Moo!"

The children matched animal parts where the belonged and glued them onto the sheet.

The littlest ones loved coloring scenes of farm animals.

Some of the kids matched shapes in scenes with farm animals.

One fun activity involved spreading, "Mud," over a pig in a plastic sleeve to prevent any messes!

The children identified farm animals and words versus ones you'd identify with the zoo.

Some of the kids practiced drawing lines with farm-themed worksheets.

Everyone had so much fun doing these farm-themed activities and crafts!

Source for photos: Mimi's Day Care

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Farm Themed Activities and Crafts for Kids
September 13, 2020
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