Winter-Themed Animal Crafts for Kids

.Mia Brown
Winter-Themed Animal Crafts for Kids

Winter-Themed Animal Crafts for Kids

Pimpoyo Home Family Daycare in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia (in Canada) did these fun winter-themed animal (and human) crafts as a way to have fun discussing the subject of what kind of animals are found in the cold (and how we bundle-up when its chilly too!

Polar Bear Winterscapes

The kids had a fun time painting a white sheet of paper an assortment of beautiful colors and then pasting a cut-out of a polar bear onto the sheet. It created a gorgeous wintry-but-colorful landscape with a stark white bear as a contrast!

Penguin Crafts

The children loved making paper-roll penguins out of a used/empty roll of toilet paper which they then glued their decorations upon (so that it looked like a penguin). They also had fun assembling a flat penguin out of craft paper and then gluing cotton balls onto it so that it was nice and fuzzy just like a real penguin!

Warm Coat Craft

This craft was different as it was a human being made out of craft paper instead of an animal! the kids used their craft paper and glue to assemble a person who was nice and warm in a coat--they glued on cotton balls to simulate a wooly parka!

Pimpoyo Home Family Daycare
Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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Winter-Themed Animal Crafts for Kids
January 4, 2020
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