Learning About Winter Animals With Crafts

Olivia Johnson
Learning About Winter Animals With Crafts

At Creative Minds, Bright Minds -a Performing Arts Preschool, located in Spokane, Washington the students were busy creating artwork.

The preschoolers were doing these crafts not only to learn about the kinds of animals we see in the Winter but also so as to have beautiful decorations for the school's Winter show!

All Kinds of Winter Animals

Even though lots of animals hibernate or hide away when it is cold, there are certain ones we see during the wintertime or in frigid places. The students did crafts about walruses by using their hands to trace-out flippers and discussed penguins made out of craft paper too! Plus, the students created polar bears out of cotton balls for one craft and traced the shape of them before gluing-them onto a worksheet with a pretend ocean and icebergs too. Plus, the preschoolers were told all about the Arctic fox and then made their own out of paper plates and craft paper. All of the crafts turned out amazing and will surely be admired by everyone when used as decorations for the Winter show!

Creative Minds Bright Minds -a Performing Arts Preschool


Spokane, WA, United States


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Learning About Winter Animals With Crafts
January 4, 2020
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