Winter artworks

Anna Pa
Winter artworks

Our artworks: winter snowmen made of toilet paper rolls in blue hats, junks and cute winter earmuffs. Snowmen have warm, colorful scarves and carrot noses.

We also made Santa Clauses out of salt dough. The recipe is very simple… and it is wonderful to prepare the salt dough. It consists of only 3 ingredients: wheat flour, salt and water. Prepare the flour and salt in the same amount, e.g.

1 cup of flour;

1 cup of salt;

approx. 0.5 cups water.

Of course, to obtain more mass, we use a multiple of flour and salt, e.g. 3 glasses of flour + 3 glasses of salt + water. Let's start with the fact that we pour flour and salt into a deep bowl. We mix thoroughly and pour a small amount of water. Stir, crush the lumps, add a little water and mix again. The amount of water is a key factor here and must be poured in gradually. Take the dough on the table or pastry board and knead until smooth (about 5 minutes).

Winter artworks
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Winter artworks
December 31, 2020
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