10 Frog-Themed Crafts and Learning Activities for Preschoolers

.Ella Martin
10 Frog-Themed Crafts and Learning Activities for Preschoolers

At Brighten Academy Preschool in Clovis, California they had a themed week focused upon reptiles and amphibians such as frogs!

The classes did a number of creative crafts and fun learning activities involving frogs. Here are ten of them!

1. Frogs Paper Craft A

This frog-focused paper craft had students cut out a circle and then cut out the legs and glued them onto the frogs along with eyes, a tongue, and some spots.

2. Frogs Paper Craft B

For this frog-based paper craft the students cut the whole shape of the frog out of green construction paper and then glue upon eyes and a tongue.

3. Frog Paper Strip Puzzles

The students sorted and glued together an assortment of paper strips like a puzzle to make images of frogs and their various stages of life!

4. Frog Paper Plates

To do this activity students cut a paper plate in half, colored it green, and then glued upon it eyes and a tongue to make frog!

5. Frog Life Cycle Craft A

To do this version of a frog life cycle craft students colored-in a wheel image of the frog's life cycle and glued it onto a big frog!

6. Frog Life Cycle Craft B

This version of the frog life cycle craft had students cutting-out and gluing the various stages of a frog's life cycle onto a piece of a paper

7. Handprint Frogs Paper Craft Version

After tracing their hand on some green construction paper students cut it out and glued it upon a lilypad so that it looks like frogs on a lilypad! They also glued on eyes and a tongue.

8. Handprint Frogs Paint Version

The students put green paint upon their hands for this craft. They then put their handprint on a piece of paper so that it looked like a frog and they glued on some eyes and a tongue!

9. Frog Facts and Coloring

This learning activity had students write fun facts about frogs and then color a black-and-white image of a frog in!

10. Frog Drawings

The students also enjoyed drawing their own versions of frogs!

Brighten Academy Preschool
Clovis, CA, United States

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10 Frog-Themed Crafts and Learning Activities for Preschoolers
March 15, 2020
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