Learning About Buildings Through Crafts

Learning About Buildings Through Crafts

Learning About Buildings Through Crafts

At Children's World South Preschool, they learned all about buildings through various crafts. Whether they were simply drawing buildings how they liked as seen above or did activities with direction, it was fun!

Counting buildings

The students made buildings with numbers within them!

Paper bag buildings

Another craft had the kiddos gluing pieces of construction paper they had drawn on with markers to paper bags to create buildings.

Geometric buildings

The kids made buildings out of geometric shapes that were glued to the worksheet.

Three Little Pigs buildings

Everyone made buildings that represented the ones owned by the Three Little Pigs--hay, wood, and brick!

Name buildings

The students made buildings that had the letters of their names in each, "Brick," too. There were so many awesome building crafts!

Source for photos: Children's World South Preschool

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Learning About Buildings Through Crafts
April 7, 2021
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