Farm-Themed Activities for Preschool Students

.Ava Jones
Farm-Themed Activities for Preschool Students

Farms are full of fun animals and exciting big equipment like tractors!

At Kingdom Kids Preschool in Dover, Ohio, they did a number of fun activities involving the kind of animals and vehicles you would find, "Down on the farm," to do a variety of fun sensory exploration-type works!

Pig Marble Painting--And Mud!

This activity involves, "Marble Painting," a print-out of a pig. To do this activity you need a medium-sized sensory bucket that can hold the picture of the pig. Then you simply add pink pant splattered around the bin and put in marbles. You then have the students roll the marbles around by moving the bin back-and-forth (and left-and-right) until the pig is covered in the pink paint!

Once the paint on the pig has dried then you can have the preschool students take brown paint AKA, "Mud," and use their hands to spread it around on the pink pigs to make them muddy! Once the students are done they can wash their hands and admire their messy piggies!

Tractor Painting

One thing that often happens to tractors on farms is they get muddy. With this in mind students do this activity by taking a green sheet of construction paper (a pretend field) and then can roll a toy tractor's wheels in some, "Mud," which is actually brown paint.

After they make sure their wheels are really, 'Muddy," they can roll the tractor's wheels over the green construction paper to spread their brown paint/mud all over the green construction paper/field.

Counting Wet Farm Animals

To this activity all you need is:

  • A medium-sized sensory bin filled with water
  • Toy farm animals
  • Pieces of toy foam/shapes that can float

Once you have these materials you can have preschoolers enjoy trying to help the animals, "Stand," on the floating pieces and count how many they are able to make float versus how many sink to the bottom of the sensory bin.

Feeding Farm Animals

This activity requires one large sensory bin filled with an easy-to-scoop material such as beans, seeds, or rice and then smaller sensory bins with the animal face print-outs that students can use measuring cups to scoop food into the mouths!

This is a fantastic counting activity that also helps with identifying animals where you can ask students to do things like, "Feed 3 scoops to the cow," or, "Feed two scoops to the horse."

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Farm-Themed Activities for Preschool Students
September 30, 2019
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