5 Little Penguins Song

Nicole Baran
5 Little Penguins Song

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Link to five little penguins song. This is an interactive song for the winter time. You can use your fingers or you can print out five penguins and glue them on a stick for your student to act out the song with. My students had a lot of fun doing this song. We used it during our virtual learning time. We are learning about the arctic and wanted an interactive song instead of just a youtube song. You can talk about the different vocabulary in the song such as squawking, sliding, ice and what does far away mean as well. This used math concepts as well. You are counting down from five. I also incorporated it with the book we read that week. Five little penguins. I hope you enjoy this song as much as we did. It is really easy for the kids to learn after you sing it a few times. They enjoyed making the penguin noises as well.

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5 Little Penguins Song
December 2, 2020
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