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5 Senses sorting activity

Ashley N Brown
5 Senses sorting activity

Hello in my classroom my kids did the 5 senses activity and all the feedback that I got from this activity it was amazing. First, I had the pictures of the five senses, and they had to match them and they good it was fun, and they had a lot of fun with this activity. Doing this sorting activity, I had a poster board and I put the five senses on the board, and I had the kids match the correct pictures under there correct title, with taste, hear, smell, see, and touch. The next activity was we did a matching activity with our 5 senses, and it was unbelievable amazing, and the kids really love it. I'm a teacher inside the classroom and watching my kids learn is amazing and I love to teach them everything they need to know.

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5 Senses sorting activity
December 5, 2023
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