A is for Ant Craft for Preschoolers

.Mia Brown
A is for Ant Craft for Preschoolers

The letter A stands for many things and one notable insect whose name starts with the letter A is the ant!

At Little Angels Children Development Center in Hialeah, Florida, they practiced writing the letter A and drawing ants on a chalkboard and then did a fun craft where they made their own ants that you can easily do at your school too by gathering the proper materials and following the steps below!

Materials Needed

You will need egg cartons that you cut-up into groups of three (these will become the ant's bodies.)

To cut-up the egg cartons into the discussed groups of three you will need scissors.

Paint or markers are needed to make the ants colorful--Little Angel's used paint but if you are worried about a mess markers work too.

Make sure to have a wide variety of pipe cleaners that are different colors and lengths--if you need to cut some pipe cleaners up so some are shorter.

Googly eyes to serve as eyes for the ant (not required, but makes a nice touch.)

Glue--if you use googly eyes so that you can glue them on.


How to Make an Ant

Have each student take one egg carton that has been cut into a group of three. Encourage students to paint/color their ants whatever color they want, but tell them how most ants are red, black, or brown.

After students are done painting/coloring their ants talk with them about how ants are insects and therefore have six legs total.

Have your students use the pipe cleaners to put three, "Legs," on each side of the ant for a total of six (they should easily push-into the egg carton).

Discuss how ants have antenna they use to, "Feel," around.

Instruct your students to use the smaller pipe cleaners to look like ant antennas at the, "Head," of their ant (these should also easily push-in.)

If you have googly eyes for your students to use now have them glue those also onto the, "Head, "of their ant.

Everyone has made an ant and now can proudly show their family and friends!

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A is for Ant Craft for Preschoolers
September 26, 2019
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