Easy Fall Craft for Preschoolers

Sara Smith
Easy Fall Craft for Preschoolers

For the remainder of September we started our own fun mini-theme focused on Fall!

We talked about leaves, owls, and of course scarecrows! Here are just some of the fun thing we've done as the month wrapped-up.

Child's Place Preschool

Easy Fall Craft
Child's Place Preschool,
Parker, Colorado

Fun Fall Crafts to Finish the Month

1. We made owls out of paper that we put on the bulletin board to celebrate the approach of Fall! We made the board's background pumpkin-orange to be extra in-line with the theme!

2. Also, we took a nice template of a leafless tree and with our own fun paint were able to dab-on leaves of all kinds of colors to make some beautiful fall foliage.

3. Another fun activity done by the preschoolers involved us using a leaf template and a bunch of colorful tissue paper to make our own gorgeous leaves that perfectly complimented the Fall theme.

All-in-all our mini-theme was a huge hit with the preschool class!

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Easy Fall Craft for Preschoolers
August 17, 2019
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