Antarctic Animals Worksheets

Antarctic Animals Worksheets

Antarctic Animals Worksheets

Antarctica is found all the way at the bottom of our planet Earth. It is extremely cold, but has some animals you will find there such as whales, seals, penguins, and more! These worksheets are all themed for Antarctic animals and are great fun to do during a learning segment focused on this coldest continent! 

1. Antarctic Scene Puzzle

This is a single puzzle that has a scene in the Antarctic with its many different residents! You can print this scene, cut it along the lines, and then have students put it together correctly.

2. Sea Animal Worksheet

For this worksheet, you fill in the circle for the correctly matching animal. the animals are a Sea elephant, Sea pig, Sea leopard. There is a black-and-white version of this worksheet too so you can color everything in if you want!

3. Antarctic Whales

To do this worksheet you identify tails that connect with certain whales and draw a line from the matching tail to its correct whale!

4. Northern Squid

On this worksheet, you need to find all the letters of the word, "Antarctica," and draw lines to them that create the squid's tentacles.

5. Penguins Worksheet

This worksheet requires you to draw lines on the ice floes so that they are shared equally between the group of penguins! Count how many penguins they are and then identify where to draw the line so it equally splits all the penguins!

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Antarctic Animals Worksheets
July 28, 2020
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