Art lesson - Autumn leaves painting

Adriana Lucia
Art lesson - Autumn leaves painting

Last week I had an art class with my 7 years old kids and because it is autumn I thought of doing something with leaves and autumn colors.

So first I showed them what we needed and then explained them the step to get what I prepared.

So first of all I prepared some white and black leaves (coloring pages found on google that can be cropped) and without scissors but with our hands, we had to crop the leaves from the paper. After each leave was cropped we needed a glue to stick it on a green paper I prepared for each kid.

After we glued the leaves in an interesting picture we prepared our water colors and painted the leaves in some autumn colors like red, orange, just a little green, yellow and brown. I told them to try and paint a leaves in more than just a simple color, so some of them painted a leaf in green, yellow and orange and it looked awsome.

At the end of the class I told them to write there names somewhere up on the paper and then I put the work art on the blackboard for everyone to see. We then chose our favorite painting and said why we liked it, but it cannot be ours.

Art lesson - Autumn leaves painting

So here are a couples of pictures with our work.

I forgot to tell you that as much color that was on the paper was on their clothes too. They are so funny while working but in the same time so hard working little guys. They are very creative and each and every picture was unique and awsome, like, is there anything wrong in art! No!

But yeah, everyone had to follow the steps I told them, and they did good using their own ideas.

And yes. we use mask in the classroom and it is suffocating but we are happy that at least the weather is still good and we can go out in the breaks, with our masks still on our faces of course. I cannot wait for all this to stop and have a normal class. I cannot wait to see their smiles because it is not ok that I cannot see them smiling and they cannot see me either.

How is your class keeping up with all the coronavirus rules?

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Art lesson - Autumn leaves painting
October 6, 2020
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