Assorted Resources Free-Play Activity for Toddlers

.Victoria Garcia
Assorted Resources Free-Play Activity for Toddlers

At Jellytots Childcare-Ofsted Registered Childminders in Lancashire, United Kingdom, the children loved this (contained) mess-making activity!

They were simply provided with 2, "Tuff," trays and an assortment of resources such as gravel, glass beads, sand, water, pebbles, cups, and pieces of cardboard along with cardboard tubes the 5 children using this setup could enjoy exploring and discovering the possibilities of! The children had fun with this free-play learning activity and especially enjoyed taking the pieces and pouring them off one tray onto another via the connected pieces of cardboard. It was a great opportunity for the students to engage their minds without any limiting guidelines or instructions.

How To Do Your Own Free-Play for Toddlers

To do a free-play activity similar to this one you simply need some big trays to keep everything contained, and a wide range of resources. You can use anything that is good for sorting or dumping such as the above-listed items or other small/loose parts such as buttons, marbles, or whatever else is on-hand. Just make sure you supervise the toddlers as sometimes young children will be tempted to try and eat small parts!

Jellytots Childcare-Ofsted Registered Childminders.


Grange, United Kingdom

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Assorted Resources Free-Play Activity for Toddlers
March 4, 2020
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