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Behavior Plan - Pre-Kindergarten

Casey Obringer
Behavior Plan - Pre-Kindergarten

I developed this for one of my previous students. It works well with a dabber and my student responded well with it. I have it based on schedule and I have one based on identified behaviors.

With my experience, having the parent on board prior to utilizing this, worked very well. I would send a picture daily to the parent.

With this particular student, I did not give any rewards in class based on her behavior. She did get rewarded at home though. After about a month and a half using this, we were able to completely take here off it completely.

Another student I used this for, I put pom poms in a jar with his good behavior. It was really a tactile way for him to see how well he was doing.

I'm hoping if you do use this, you can edit it based on your needs. If you have any feedback for me, please pass it my way. Thank you!

Behavior Plan - Pre-Kindergarten
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Behavior Plan - Pre-Kindergarten
September 15, 2022
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