Preschool Lesson Plan on, "Number Recognition 1-10" with Printables

Preschool Lesson Plan on, "Number Recognition 1-10" with Printables

Preschool Lesson Plan on, "Number Recognition 1-10" with Printables

Young children love learning how to count. You can help your students gain a better understanding of what each number symbol represents by doing activities such as these that assist in learning to count from 1-10.

Learning Objectives
Students will be able to identify and write number symbols from one to ten.


(10 minutes)

Have the students come together in a group. Get the students motivated by saying, "Today we will be learning about numbers! Raise your hand if you know a number!" Once some students have raised their hands ask them to share a number they know--this taps into their prior knowledge. Write down numbers that are stated upon the board.

Downloadable printables for Introduction
Find and Count Number
Cute and Big Numbers for Kids
Number Flash Cards

Tell the students how you are now going to share a poem by Mother Goose that uses all the numbers from one to ten. Read the poem, "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe," ad then have the students recite the poem after you.

Guided Practice

(10 minutes)

Have all the students return to their desk. Give each student the worksheet, "1-10 caterpillar exercise," and finger paint. Model the upcoming activity on the whiteboard by using magnetic shapes. Then, make a list o the board of 1-10 and have students copy you as you place the correct amount of items by each number. Look below at the attachments for examples of how the students' work should look.

1-10 Caterpillar Exercise
I Can Trace Number Worksheet

Independent Working Time

(10 minutes)

Give each student one of the, "Number Matching Card Activity," sheets seen below.

Attachments "Number Matching Card Activity":

Depending on the season of the year and/or the topics you are discussing currently choose one of the attachments below and utilize them with the class too.
Monkey and Banana Number Matching Card Activity
Dino Math Matching Worksheets
Number Matching Card Game With Train Cars
Dental-Themed Counting Activity
Doctor-Themed Pill Bottle Math Matching Activity
Butterfly Spot Counting Activity
Easter Egg Math Matching Activity
Pumpkin Counting Puzzles


(10 minutes)

Talk with each student individually at your desk. Give them an assessment sheet and ask them to read/count the number on the pictures, laying out as many items as the written symbol.

Flower Leaf Counting Activity 
Dinosaur Counting Activity
Cupcake Math Activity
Valentine’s Day-Themed Mathematical Activities
Number Recognition Cards
Christmas Tree Counting Math Activity
Free Printable Numbered Play-Doh Mats
Apple Tree Counting Game
Pumpkin Number Match Game

Review and Closing

(10 minutes)

Have all the students gather together on the floor in circular groups of 10. Assign each student as the start and the other as the end. have these students all count off 1 through 10 in each grouping.

Tracing Numbers Worksheet

Simply click on the desired picture for it to open at full-size, then print it to use for a tracing worksheet!

Trace Number Worksheet

Preschool Lesson Plan on, "Number Recognition 1-10" with Printables
August 12, 2020
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