Christmas Tree Counting Math Activity

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Christmas Trees Counting Math Activity

This math activity is all about Christmas tree counting! By using these free printables you have a fun way to practice counting from 1 to 10.

This activity teaches your little ones how to count the number of ornaments on the Christmas tree as well as add the right amount of presents under the tree.

By doing this activity it helps to teach your little ones how to work at counting the number of ornaments on the pictured Christmas tress as well as how to add the correct amount of presents under the tree.

What’s Included:

  • Five pages of trees numbered from 1-10.
  • One page of presents (to be stocked under the trees)

Should you need to have more presents for this activity just make multiple copies of the presents page to utilize!

This activity is sure to be one children enjoy as they get excited about what holiday presents they might be getting themselves!

Free Printable Christmas Tree Counting Cards

Below are the free printable Christmas trees that are numbered 1-10. You can print them and laminate them too if you want so they can be reused multiple times! Also, the presents that can be printed are below and if you so choose you can laminate those as well!

How to Download for FREE

Also, you can purchase the bingo sheets at this website.

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