Pumpkin Number Match Game

Free pumpkin matching game printable

Pumpkin matching game Free printable.

This pumpkin number match game is great fun for preschool and kindergarten students learning about counting and matching the total of something they count (such as the seeds in a pumpkin) with a numeral.

To do this activity you can print-out the free printables of the pumpkins which feature each pumpkin with its own number of seeds.

Then, you have students match the pumpkin with the correct number of seeds to its cart with the right numeral (e.g. the pumpkin with eight seeds inside goes with the cart that shows the number 8).


When doing this activity you can either have the pumpkins be glued onto the carts or you can have everything laminated so that the activity can be done multiple times by students.


Also, we have included a printable of a blank pumpkin so that if you desire to make a pumpkin with seeds beyond our provided number of 1 through 10 you can do that too!

Pumpkin Blank Template

Pumpkin Blank template
A4, A3

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