Bluebirds' Nest Craft

Bluebirds' Nest Craft

Bluebirds' Nest Craft

At First Presbyterian School, they did a bluebirds' nest craft that was very cute to see. Using an assortment of materials, students were able to create a piece of decor that featured multiple birds sitting in a comfy nest!

How the bluebirds' nest craft was made

The craft was made by taking a paper plate and cutting it in half. Then, pieces of construction paper were cut into the shape of birds, and wings were cut too. These wings were glued onto the birds along with some googly eyes and the birds were glued onto the paper plate. Then, crepe paper was glued onto the birds and all around them green craft paper was glued on that made it look like they were in a multitextured nest. The nest was then placed upon a bulletin board with a tree and looked great!

Source for photos: First Presbyterian Preschool

Bluebirds' Nest Craft
March 13, 2021
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