"Roll a Robot," Dice and Paper Craft Game

.Natalie Martinez
"Roll a Robot," Dice and Paper Craft Game

Roll a Robot

At Redhawk Preschool in Naperville, Illinois they played a fun game in Miss Nikki's class that was also a paper craft! It involved rolling dice to build a robot.

It allowed the students to practice their fine motor skills via cutting and gluing the pieces of paper that made their robots as well as number recognition.

How to Play, "Roll a Robot"

Students take turns rolling a die.When a student rolls a number for the first time they cut the corresponding robot piece with that number out of the paper and put it aside.Students continue taking turns rolling the die until the first person to cut out all the parts is done--that person wins!After the game, the students who still have some robot pieces left can cut them out and everyone can put their robot together upon another piece of paper and glue it in place.

Roll a Robot

Redhawk Preschool
Naperville Central High School

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"Roll a Robot," Dice and Paper Craft Game
March 17, 2020
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