Candy Cane Day for Pre-K

.Madison Wilson
Candy Cane Day for Pre-K

In the V Pre-K Room A classroom at Sunrise Preschool II in Sunrise, Florida, they had a wild and fun-filled day involving candy canes!

The students did worksheets with candy canes that involved counting, plus they used big red and white circular dots on a green background of construction paper to create a candy cane craft.

 Plus, an experiment was done where candy canes were put in cold water, hot water, and soda to see how fast they would dissolve in the different solutions. The hot water really made things dissolve although the soda and cold water had an impact as well!

Sweet and Tasty Fun

Candy canes are very sweet and tasty, making them an extra fun tool to use when doing activities and crafts. The candy cane day for Pre-K was beloved by the children and teachers, making it a great idea to do with your class.

Sunrise Preschool II
Sunrise, FL, United States

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Candy Cane Day for Pre-K
December 19, 2019
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