Carnival-Themed Art Projects

.Ella Martin
Carnival-Themed Art Projects

Carnival-Themed Art ProjectsAt Minnehaha Area Child Care they did a number of art projects themed for carnivals and all their fun!

Handprint clowns

The children had great fun using paint on their hands to make handprint clowns.

Construction paper clown

The kids also made clowns out of construction paper and named them.

Lion Painting Craft

Using a fork to make a lion's mane was a part of this carnival-themed craft.

Sno-Cone Craft

The children loved splattering paint to simulate sno-cones.

Popcorn craft

A carnival isn't complete without popcorn! Everyone made popcorn out of cotton balls they painted yellow for this exciting project.Source for photos: Minnehaha Area Child Care

Carnival-Themed Art Projects
August 14, 2020
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