Christmas Worksheets for Preschool

Christmas Worksheets for Preschool

Christmas Worksheets for Preschool

Preschool students are sure to have a fun time doing these Christmas-themed worksheets that help them develop their skills in letter recognition, math, tracing, and more!

Letter Matching Worksheets

For this worksheet, students cut and paste the uppercase letters where they belong with their matching lowercase letters.

Christmas Counting Worksheets

To do this worksheet preschoolers count-up how many of each item there is in the above picture and fill it in at the bottom.

Coloring Santa

Students do this color-by-numbers worksheet by matching the proper number with its listed color to fill in the image of Santa.

Christmas Patterns Worksheet

This worksheet is done by cutting and pasting the images at the bottom of the worksheet into the correct pattern they match with!

Snowmen Counting

The snowmen have a different number of body segments in each section of this worksheet. Students need to cut and paste the correct numbers into the section they belong to.


This puzzle involves a snowflake and preschoolers cutting and pasting the correct piece (at the bottom) where it goes in the main image.

Trace Worksheet

Students follow the tracing-line up to the gingerbread people for this worksheet, carefully tracing along with it!

How to Download the Free Printables

The file package with all of the images you need for this activity can all be downloaded completely for free! Just click here to learn how to get them at no cost to you!

Should you instead want to buy these worksheets you can do that too by following this link.

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Christmas Worksheets for Preschool
December 12, 2019
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