Class management-Chiristmas Calendar

Class management-Chiristmas Calendar

Class management-Chiristmas Calendar

This is a great way to inspire students at the end of the term, especially at Christmas season. Print the workseets of the foldable cubes and fold all the cubes. And before you glue all the cubes, put some notes inside the cubes. They can be some little treats or prizes. And have students to put the cubes in the right way. They really like the process of feaguring out the puzzle. At last, Put the Christmas calendar on the wall or some other places kids can see and reach easily. And teacher sets the rules of opening the boxes. Foe example, the most well behaved student can open the cube of the day and get the prize in it. It's really a wonderful way to get students involved. Have a try!

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Class management-Chiristmas Calendar
June 29, 2023
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