Comic Strip from My Student in China

Lisa Schoelles
Comic Strip from My Student in China

I teach online classes to children in China (yes! some companies still teach children IN China, and for a little break from the usual, I taught a lesson to one of my long-time students about Comic Strips. I wanted her to do something creative, and she did! I am so proud of her.

This was a fun lesson for her; she got to learn about speech bubbles, thought bubbles, foreground, middle ground, background, and onomatopoeia. I hope to do more writing lessons with her in the future. We usually focus on reading and grammar.

She has a bird named Vanilla. Vanilla flies free around her apartment. Here is her comic strip. So cute! You can tell she really watches Vanilla. She can draw him from all angles.

I hope to do more creative things with this student. She is above average in level, but because she spends so much time on regular school work and homework, she rarely gets to do anything creative.

This gave her the opportunity to use her imagination.

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Comic Strip from My Student in China
May 17, 2022
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