Student-Created Signs to Celebrate a Teacher

Student-Created Signs to Celebrate a Teacher

Student-Created Signs to Celebrate a Teacher

At Primrose School of Virginia Beach, a teaching director named Mrs. Nolder was celebrating being at the school for 6 years! To commemorate this anniversary the students worked together to create their own beautiful signs celebrating this teacher!

A fantastic anniversary

This sixth anniversary of working at the school was made even more special by having the students celebrate how much Mrs. Nolder meant to them. Here are some more impressive signs:

You can have your own students celebrate teachers too whenever a notable event happens in that teacher's life (multiple years teaching, getting married, having a baby, retiring, and so forth). Doing an activity such as these signs encourages creativity and makes the teacher being honored get to feel beloved!

Source for photos: Primrose School of Virginia Beach South

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Student-Created Signs to Celebrate a Teacher
September 6, 2021
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