Teacher Holiday Decoration Displays

Teacher Holiday Decoration Displays

Teacher Holiday Decoration Displays

At Villa Maria Childcare Center, the teachers took some pictures of the holiday decorations they had done for Christmas before taking them down as the New Year starts! The teachers created such fantastic decor and are already planing-out what they'll do for the next big holiday season.

The Grinch

One classroom decorated its door with a popular creature whose disdain for Christmas is famous--The Grinch!

Santa and his beard

Another teacher had a door that looked like Santa with his big beard!

More Grinch!

Another teacher wanted to have a door about The Grinch too, focusing on when he became nice.


One door featured a bunch of, "Snowmies," hanging-out and, "Chilling!"

Operation Gingerbread

We all love the game, "Operation," and a teacher combined that affinity with a fun gingerbread man!

Gingerbread house

Another classroom looked like the entrance to a gingerbread house. The decorations were all amazing!

Source for photos: Villa Maria Childcare Center

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Teacher Holiday Decoration Displays
January 2, 2021
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