Holiday Party Activities!

Holiday Party Activities!

Holiday Party Activities!

At Kiddie Academy of Mount Prospect, they celebrated the winter holidays with a party! During this party, a variety of fun activities were done. You can do any of these with your own class as Christmas rapidly approaches this year!

Marshmallow snowmen/snowwomen

The kiddos made, "Snowmen/Snowwomen," out of marshmallows and other edible items! They stuck pretzels in their snowpeople to give them limbs and dropped some food dye to give them faces. It was great!

Reindeer toss

The children tossed little inflatable discs onto their teacher who was wearing antlers just like a reindeer!

Santa hat craft

Students made Santa hats out of construction paper and decorated them with markers in addition to writing their names upon the hats. The part was so much fun with all these activities!

Source for photos: Kiddie Academy of Mount Prospect

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Holiday Party Activities!
December 21, 2021
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