Paper Strip Cardinals Craft

Paper Strip Cardinals Craft

Paper Strip Cardinals Craft

At Little Ones' Preschool, they made paper strip cardinals for a fun and cool-looking craft project! The cardinals were put on display in the hallways, hanging from the ceiling for all to enjoy.

Materials needed for this craft

To do this paper strip cardinals craft you will need the following to make at least one cardinal:

*A red, black, and yellow sheet of construction paper


*Glue or a stapler

How to do this craft

To make your own paper strip cardinal you can follow these steps:

1. Cut a large rectangle and a medium-sized rectangle out of the red construction paper.

2.Cut two medium-sized rectangles out of the black construction paper.

3.Cut a very small rectangle out of the yellow construction paper.

4. Take your large red rectangle and fold it back on itself to make a large circular body-shape. This is the body

5. Fold your medium-sized red rectangle into the same circular shape, this is the head.

6. Glue or staple the head and the body together.

7. Fold your black construction paper so that you can attach it to the body and have an L shape at the bottom, this will be the cardinal's legs.

8. Glue or staple the legs to the body.

9. Fold the small yellow rectangle so it looks like a pointed triangle. This will be the cardinal's beak.

10. Glue or staple the beak to the cardinal's head.

11. Your cardinal is done and can be displayed on a table or hung from a ceiling!

Source for photos: Little Ones' Preschool

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Paper Strip Cardinals Craft
February 9, 2021
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