A is for Apple Paper Craft

A is for Apple Paper Craft

A is for Apple Paper Craft

At First Foundation Child Care-Preschool, they discussed how the word, "Apple," starts with the letter a. Everyone talked about how, "A is for apple," and then used construction paper to make their own apple!

Materials needed for this craft:

To make your own apple you will need the following:

*Yellow, white, or light blue construction paper for mounting (these colors work best)

*Red, green, and brown construction paper that will be cut with scissors



*A black marker

How to do this craft:

To make your a is for apple craft you can follow these steps:

1. Place your mounting paper down on a table.

2. Use your scissors to cut the letter a out of your red construction paper. This is your letter a apple.

3. Use your scissors to cut out a stem and some small seeds for your letter a apple out of the brown construction paper.

4. Use your scissors to cut a leaf out of the green construction paper.

5. Glue your letter a apple onto the mounting paper and then glue the stem and leaf to the top of it.

6. Glue your seeds in the middle of your later a apple.

7. Use your marker to write, "A is for apple."

8. If you want to draw some bugs on you apple with the maker you can do so too.

9. Your craft is done!

Source for photos: First Foundation Child Care-Preschool

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A is for Apple Paper Craft
November 7, 2021
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