Letter A For Apple Craft

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Letter A For Apple Craft

Letter A Apple Craft

The popular children's book, "Up, Up, Up! It's Apple-Picking Time," features the letter A being used a good deal, which is why it is a perfect publication to use for discussing the letter A and doing a fun apple-themed craft.

At Kids Connect Preschool in North Tonawanda, New York they did this craft by replicating the book's cover but with pictures of their own students picking apples!

Letter A Apple Craft

How To Make Your Own

You will need:

A picture of a student pretending to pick apples that you can then print-out.

Blue, brown and green construction paper

Red, green and brown markers



How to Do It

Cut out the picture of the student picking an apple.

Cut the brown construction paper into the letter A.

Cut the green construction paper into a circle with lots of rounded edges like a tree-top.

Glue the brown A onto the blue construction paper.

Glue the green tree-top onto the top of the brown A (it is a tree-trunk) upon the blue construction paper.

Use a brown marker to draw what looks like a ladder on the brown A/tree-trunk.

Use the red and green markers to draw apples and some leaves upon the apples.

Glue the picture of the student onto the ladder grabbing apples in the tree.

You as the teacher can glue a note about the picture at the bottom too if you want.

Up, up, up! It's apple picking time.

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Letter A For Apple Craft
September 17, 2019
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