Free Firefighter Worksheets

Firefighters are always fun to see and talk about! They wear bright red and yellow colors, ride around in loud firetrucks, and put-out dangerous fires with big hoses full of water. There free firefighter worksheets are sure to entertain students who love learning about firefighters.

Firefighter Color By Number Worksheets

Students can match the correct color to the picture of the firefighter to color them in correctly.

Firefighter Color by Number

Tracing Words Worksheets

Preschoolers will have a great time tracing the letters that make-up words of things firefighters use (and put-out) such as hydrant, fire, and more. When they are done tracing they can color everything in too for extra fun!

Tracing Words

Help Firefighters Find the Way Worksheets

Help Firefighters Find the Way


For this worksheet students need to cut-out the pictures at the bottom and match them to the pattern that they go with.

Fire Patterns

Right Things Worksheets

There are a bunch of things surrounding the firefighter, but only some are the right things that go with her job! Have students circle what those items are and once they are done they color in those right things, or even everything if they like.

Fire Truck Paper Craft

This craft is a bit like a puzzle, where preschoolers cut all the pieces of the firetruck out and then need to assemble them together.

Fire Truck Craft
Fire Truck Craft

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